HOT51 policy creates a livestream application to help you have a fun entertainment place on the online community. App to watch live for free

1. Policy introduction

Hot51 is an online chat application on phones as well as computers

Applications Discuss work exchange work with each other

Unleash work stress relief at the company or factory

Color system attracts players with color effects and music

2. Privacy Policy

Always keep the player’s identity as well as the customer’s account information confidential with important information that needs to be kept confidential. Hot51 is committed to protecting customer information. If there is consent from the Information Owner, it will be accepted and sent to other players

Prevent people from misuse of user information and personal gain. Impact on the lives of players as well as families

The security system operates 24 hours a day with a firewall and many codes without Hot51’s consent will not be accessible.

3. Information collection and use

Hot51 keeps confidential information of customers participating in the application at entertainment games as well as giving promotions to customers through private notifications or online calls on the phone to give gifts.

We only collect information that is required for, or is relevant to, the provision of products and services, for business purposes and to better understand our customers’ needs.

For customers joining the application, the company can collect basic information of customers such as ip, login time, as well as necessary information and feedback from customers to improve Hot51 application. better and smoother playing Hot51 app

Not only that, Hot51 keeps customer information to capture more of customers’ requirements and wants, as well as give valuable gifts to customers to help customers more convenient in life as well as products from customers want

4. Confidentiality Commitment

Hot51 would like to commit and protect user information to ensure personal information as well as important intimate data of users.

The firewall system is checked by experts every day as well as the access information that wants to steal data

The player’s rights policy will be kept confidential since the player logs in and enters information. When a player intends to quit or stop playing the game. Notice Hot51 to be removed as well as your information on the Hot51 app

If a user intentionally accesses and steals player information, Hot51 commits to arrest that person and retrieve the user’s information and delete those data.

6. Contact us

Join Hot51 or have questions about the company.

Encountering a case of perversion, taking advantage of the company’s reputation

Impersonate to steal strange deposit player information

Create a group to introduce incorrect information and how Hot51 works

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